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Conference presentations


The Power of Belief: Implications for Mental Health Services.

"Breaking the Mould": Humanitarian Aid and Empowering Local Communities. School of Applied Social Sciences, University of Durham (August 2012)


Mental Health and Psychosocial Support: Cultural Context and Recovery.

The Role of the Health Professional in Humanitarian Emergencies: The Chameleon’s Approach. RSM Catastrophes & Conflict Forum, Royal Society of Medicine, London (February 2012)

“Through the lens”: culture, language and mental health.

Supporting and improving the wellbeing of BME Communities. York, UK (November 2010)

From Mental Health policy to the Provision of Care: Challenges for INGOs in Liberia.

Dealing with Disasters Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle (November 2010)

Traditional Healers and Mental Health Professionals: Conflict, Collaboration or Synthesis?

Traditional Healers and Mental Health Services Conference. Ethnic Health Initiative (bmehealth.org), London (November 2010)

Cultural context: Impact on mental health and well being of older people.

Medsin Regional Conference for the North of England, Newcastle University Medical School (February 2009)

Power and ethics in psychosocial counselling: reflections on the experience of an international NGO providing services for Iraqi refugees in Jordan.

World Federation of Mental Health Annual Conference, London (August 2008)

Help or harm? The relevance of Western therapeutic approaches in non Western cultural contexts.

BACP Annual Conference. Counselling on a Global Canvas, NEC Birmingham (October 2007)

The emotional aftermath of disaster: Cultural context and psychosocial recovery.

Dealing with Disasters Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle (July 2007)

“Know thyself”: Experiential learning in Mental Health Education.

Mental Health in Humanitarian Settings. Norwegian Council for Mental Health, Oslo (April 2007)

INGOs and Mental Health.

Nuffield Foundation International Issue Based Network, London (April 2007)


UK NGOs and International Mental Health: An exploratory study.

IMH Second Annual Conference, Institute of Psychiatry (September 2005)


Cultural imperialism revisited: Counselling and Globalisation.

4th International Critical Management Studies Conference, Judge Institute of Management, University of Cambridge (July 2005)


Cultural Globalisation: Impact on Training Needs.

Debate speaker at Global Education and Health Exhibition, Institute of Education, London (January 2002)


Responding to Mental Distress.

UNISOL (Universities in Solidarity for the Health of the Disadvantaged) Nairobi, Kenya (June 2001)  


Assessment in Primary Care: Some moral issues.

Annual Conference of the Association of Clinical Counsellors in General Practice (September 1997)


The Great Juggling Act: Stress in Women's Lives.

North Cumbria Women's Health Conference (March 1997)


Need and Demand: Assessment, the Moral Dimension.

Northern Region Primary Care Special Interest Group (January 1997)


Power and the freedom to do good work.

PPA Annual Conference (April 1995)