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External facilitation


Jane has a deep understanding of the processes required by groups to overcome difficulties. She can sensitively facilitate the resolution of problems or conflict, and assist the group to develop clarity and generate agreed solutions.  She designs the process of any facilitation task with thoughtfulness and care and can create a “climate” where even the most difficult issues can be discussed openly.


In depth preparatory work, often with the use of confidential pre-meeting questionnaires, ensures she has detailed knowledge of sometimes controversial issues.  As a responsive and skilled external facilitator, Jane is perceived by participants as unbiased and supportive of the processes required to move forward.


Her work as an external facilitator has included:


MEDACT: to consider the relevance of their current activities in the UK/global context; review their activities, groups, collaborations, website, staffing; ensure optimum communications between trustees, local groups, members and staff.


World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH): facilitation of a three day meeting (Brussels) of the first Global Mental Health Advocacy Forum to: assist senior representatives of five international agencies to build relationships and mutual understanding; explore a defined range of cross-cutting issues that could be effectively addressed through collaboration and cooperation; establish a basic plan and procedure for sharing of information among the organizations and their members; create opportunities for the organizations to interact formally and informally to enhance the capacity for citizen mental health advocacy organizations to be heard on matters of importance to the global mental health community. 


Peace and Security Liaison Group (PSLG): facilitation of strategy review to enable the group to move forward on issues it had not been able to resolve satisfactorily, including membership, future focus and funding.


Community group, Adjumani Uganda: three day facilitation to assist the group to establish roles, responsibilities and functions.


Design and facilitation of “Away Days” for Community Mental Health Teams.