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There is “no health without mental health” and a holistic approach to health is needed in all development and emergency contexts.  Integration of mental health and psychosocial components into planned and existing programmes is also now imperative, given the need for INGOs to implement the IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (2007).  


Even with enthusiasm and goodwill, such integration can be a challenge to international organisations and many are unsure how to either begin or to further develop their work in these areas.

Jane can assist organisations to review existing and planned programmes to ensure mental health and psychosocial components are explicitly integrated within all programmes.

Recommendations need to be implemented! To ensure that the integration of mental health and psychosocial components into new and existing programmes can become a reality, Jane designs and facilitates all necessary staff training.  All of her workshops build on the existing knowledge and experience of participants, use the minimum of “technical terms” and always include the development of creative syntheses with local culture, language and traditional healing.  (See teaching and workshops).

Recent consultancy for INGOs has included: 

Liberia – Merlin  

  • Mapping current mental health services and psychosocial programmes in four counties in Liberia (including Ministry of Health provision, INGOs and traditional healers)

  • Assessment of current needs and service delivery capacity

  • Development of strategy to assist Merlin to integrate mental health into current programmes

Jane and Sahr Nyuma from Merlin made a great team!

 Jordan - CARE International 

Jane worked in partnership with a management consultant to conduct a comprehensive review of CARE’s psychosocial programmes for Iraqi refugees, to examine the strengths and weaknesses, to put forward recommendations for internal changes and areas to be explored for future projects.

Pakistan - Psychology without Borders is an American based organization. Jane went to Abbotobad, not far from the site of the earthquake zone to meet with Pakistani mental health staff and provide recommendations for future input for this organization.

For a review of current issues in mental health and psychosocial support in the humanitarian sector, see the articles below: (opens PDF file in new window)

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Conference reports:

"UK NGOs and Mental Health: An Exploratory Review" and "Psychosocial/mental health programmes in humanitarian contexts: problems, challenges and sharing good practice"


A Merlin clinic, Liberia


Everyday life in Monrovia, Liberia


Sahr Nyuma, Liberia