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Jane is a highly experienced Consultant Clinical Psychologist and facilitator and  specialises in consultancy for INGOs, the evaluation of mental health and psychosocial projects, and the design and facilitation of experiential workshops.   

She is able to synthesise Western and traditional approaches in international mental health, design and facilitate participant focused workshops, provide creative solutions for complex problems, and facilitate change in complex healthcare environments. 

Jane’s interpersonal, negotiation and facilitation skills are exceptional, and she is able to present complex information and ideas succinctly and clearly. 

Jane is self-motivated, adaptable, has a sense of humour, and can respond appropriately to unexpected and changing situations. She has high levels of energy and dynamism, tempered by the capacity for careful planning and excellent practical organisational skills. 

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 Workshop group photo 2013

Jane Gilbert

Jane facilitating at the Case Management workshop, Jordan (2009)