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Team and Personal Development for International Managers

Managers of NGOs and businesses in low income countries have many complex tasks to perform. In addition to managing staff, they must manage and respond to the powerful processes of globalisation and rapid cultural change.

Educational curricula in low income countries are predominantly influenced by Western cultural assumptions and methods. Managers also often have their further education in Europe and America. This process "superimposes" assumptions and norms of Western cultures upon local cultural beliefs and thus many international managers find themselves "between cultures".

Jane’s workshops are designed specifically for different groups, utilising the experiences of the participants within their own place of work. The processes of "development" and globalisation in low income countries are critically reviewed from personal, local, and global perspectives, and the participants' personal experience of being "between cultures" is explicitly examined.

This process increases self knowledge, enables managers to confidently utilise their own experience to enhance their own management practice, and to develop more effective strategies for managing change within a rapidly changing world.

Workshops for IMA International have included: 

  • Cultural change and Management

  • Development: The Forgotten Consequences

  • Psychological Consequences of Development

  • Managing Change in a Changing World

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Psychological perspectives on development

Sample workshop handout


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