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Psychological Self-Care

Caring for those who care for others is considered essential but is rarely put into practice. Most often aid workers, staff who work in mental health settings, and others who undertake emotionally demanding work have to rely on their own emotional resources. 

Every person is unique and no two people respond to the same stressful event in exactly the same way. Conventional “stress management” courses often do not give sufficient attention to developing the self knowledge essential for psychological self care – knowledge of your own strengths and vulnerabilities, knowledge of your own coping strategies. 

Interactive and experiential workshops on developing greater self knowledge can be a crucial investment for any organisation. Staff feel supported and personally empowered, emotional issues are openly acknowledged, and helping staff develop positive self care strategies minimises the risks of burn out and emotional break down in the future. 

All Jane’s workshops are individually tailored to the needs and work context of participants.

As well as providing individual therapy and de-briefing, Jane has designed and facilitated workshops on psychological self care:

  • RedR UK - Review of all Staff Welfare programmes, design of new module on Organisational Resilience, Personal Resilience, Stress Management and Psychological First Aid
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine - Psychological self care module on Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance

  • RedR, Khartoum - Managing Staff Wellbeing and Critical Incident Stress: From Policies to Practice.  Workshop for international and local INGO managers to develop their own self care strategies and to enable them to support their own national and local staff

See: (opens PDF file in new window)

Gilbert, J. (2005) “Self knowledge is the prerequisite of humanity”: Personal development and self awareness for aid workers.  Development in Practice, 15 (1), 64-69.


Psychological Self Care for Humanitarian Workers

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Psychological Self Care for Mental Health Staff

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